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Electrical engineering is the programming of technological devices. Within all scripting and coding in the computer industry most require a basic principle of math, or math related knowledge.

As in engine management with cars there must be a series of variables in which the engine will respond if given a certain task. This is often carried out by an electrical engineer to program the cars computer


In a Honda modified ecu (Engine Control Unit) the scripter has learned that when adding a higher output of fuel via a fuel injector that the computer must know of this change. In this change the motor is than limited to a rev limit as if it crosses that rev limit it will be seduced to higher heat than what it was built for. Thus the electrical engineer must also compensate for this. The suggested value is than added to the other variables and than the computer must be enabled.


As now the the fuel has been cut at the rev limiter which was programmed by the electrical engineer the motor will stop running due to its revolutions per minute being met.


Now as You can see the fuel cuts off after 5000 rpms. It is often that the electrical engineer will have to design this program and than test it in order to see if it works and performs as it is suppose to.


To see the the program used for such ECU's Click here. This is just an example of what an electrical engineer can create.

Math Assignment 2005 Due March 18th