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Math Project

Civil Engineering

What an Engineer Does
Civil Engineering
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Civil engineering requires the building of triangles. This is because triangles are known for being the strongest shape. This meaning that civil engineers must sometimes use trigonometry to solve their scenerio.
In the following problem the engineer must find out the shorter leg of this right angle triangle. The Engineer has two options, the ancronym SOHCAHTOA or an easier route known as Pythagorean Theorem
In the problem it is defines that
   2      2      2
C  =A + B
     2       2     2
36 =22 + B
1296=484 + B
B =1296-484
B = 812
Than we find the square root of 812 in order to find out what B will equal.
Square root of 812=28.495
Now if the leg of the of the triangle was not known than we would have to apply trigonometric functions
Allows us to remember how to apply the sine, cosine or tangent to this equation.
So I'm going to choose sine in order to find out how long of a side I need to complete the triangle.
X=23.14                                              36X/36 the 36's cancel each other leaving
Now it may be apparent that the two awnsers are varied from eachother. This is because two equations were used in each and many numbers are rounded throughout the sequence. This loss of perfection leaves the awnsers flawed so in applying equations to Civil engineering the slighest error may spell tragedy.

Math Assignment 2005 Due March 18th