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Math Project

What an Engineer Does

What an Engineer Does
Civil Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Electrical Engineers


Something you do if you do well in math and science, right? Well, if doing math and science is your thing, engineering might be for you, but there's a lot more to it than that.

Engineering is applying math and science to design things like the cars we drive, build things like the buildings in our cities, and operate things like computers, or even spacecraft.

You might be thinking that all engineers do the same boring thing - sit at a desk and do math problems all day. Actually, there are loads of different types of engineers who do loads of different things. Interested? Click on the icons below to find out more about different kinds of engineering.


Electrical engineering deals with the technology of electricity. Electrical engineers do things like analyze, design, and manufacture electrical devices, systems and processes. For example, all the electrical systems that run your car were the work of an electrical engineer.


Electrical engineers get jobs in areas like these:
-oil & gas, pulp & paper and mining


Mechanical engineering deals with machines and tools. This type of engineering is very broad because it contains aspects of other types of engineering. For example, mechanical engineers can do some of the structural engineering that civil engineers do, or some of the control system design that electrical engineers do. Mechanical engineers are involved in things like building ventilation and air-conditioning systems, robotics, and aerodynamics. Because mechanical engineering is so broad, mechanical engineers get hired in many different industries.


Mechanical engineers get jobs in areas like these:
-design of car components (ex. Brakes)
-air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems for buildings and vehicles
-oil industry
-design, construction and maintenance of robots


Civil engineering deals with the design and construction of things like buildings, bridges, and highways. We see the work of civil engineers every day in our cities and towns. Civil engineers can work in all levels of government and work in industries like construction companies.


Civil engineers get jobs in areas like these:
-surveyors and contractors in construction
-offshore oil and gas industry


Computer engineering deals with the design and analysis of computer systems. It involves hardware and software design, and applies to things like telecommunications, information systems (like the internet), and robotics. Computer engineers enjoy investigating new ideas, solving problems, and can concentrate on many tasks at the same time. Since technology today is getting better and better and more and more important, computer engineers have many job opportunities.


Computer engineers get jobs in areas like these:
-software and hardware design
-telecommunications and computer network industries

Ocean and Naval Architectural

Ocean and naval architectural engineering deals with the design and construction of ships, offshore structures, and other floating equipment. Memorial‚€™s ocean and naval architectural engineering program is rated one of the top programs of its kind in North America, and is the only cooperative program in ocean and naval architectural engineering in the world.


Ocean and naval architectural engineers get jobs in areas like:
-fisheries and ocean systems
-design of ships, offshore structures, and other floating equipment
-telecommunication and electronics

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